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Big news about my blog!

Published March 7, 2012 by housecrazy

After two months of blogging on housecrazy, I can honestly say that I am addicted! (to houses and to blogging!) My humble little house blog is gaining new readers every day and I appreciate each and every one of you!

I am taking the next step in the evolution of my blog and transferring the whole thing over to a self-hosted wordpress site. I also purchased my own domain name so now, instead of piggy-backing on the wordpress.com site, I will have my very own .com website name!

In plain language: my blog is MOVING!

My new web address will be: www.house-crazy.com

(“housecrazy.com” was already taken by some real estate search engine company so I had to add the hyphen in between house and crazy)

I am working with an awesomely talented and patient tech person (Corisa over at www.redgeckodesigns.com) so I feel the technical side of things is in good hands.

The new blog should be up and running by the end of this week – after we get a few wrinkles ironed out.

If you are currently following my blog via email notifications and want to continue to receive these notices by email, you will have to re-register your email at the new site. (So sorry about that! It was the one thing that couldn’t be transferred over!)

I may not be able to put up a new post for a couple of days until www.house-crazy.com is live since all the content is being transferred over there right now.

But I have some good stuff coming up (including cob houses, affordable Victorians and Sears kit homes) so stay tuned!

See you over at www.house-crazy.com!

All the best!

– Sarah