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Green home in Mexico – wow!

Published February 28, 2012 by housecrazy

Welcome to Casita Dos Arbolitos. The English translation of that name means (roughly): House of the Little Trees, or, more literally – according to my Mexican husband Lupe: little house two little trees.

Priced reasonably at  $167,500 USD, this home in central Mexico is another artistic wonder.

This adobe house, built in 2006,  is 1,300 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Casita Dos Arbolitos is an on-going adventure in sustainable living.” – from:

Green features include: solar panels, passive solar components, composting toilet, and a rainwater collection system.

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Incredible hiding home

Published February 21, 2012 by housecrazy

Have a look at this unconventional place in  Sonoita, Arizona. If you were running down the hill on foot, you might just bound right over it and not even notice!

image from:

Peeking out from a rugged, golden hillside is this 1667 square foot, 3 bed, 3 bath earth-sheltered home.

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A modular prefab green home

Published February 19, 2012 by housecrazy

It’s almost an oxymoron. But there is such a thing.

A company by the nifty name of Greenfab in Seattle, Washington builds modular homes that are “fast to build, of the highest quality, incredibly energy efficient, healthy, strong, and at an affordable starting price.”

I try not to be a house snob – I like any type of domicile – but from the stories on the news about modular homes having toxic formaldehyde poisoning, caving in under a strong gust of wind, and so on, modular homes don’t exactly scream “strong” and “healthy” to me… especially in the same sentence.

But what do I know. Innovative, eco-oriented designers and builders have been putting site-built homes to shame lately.

Check out one of Greenfab’s latest Seattle projects:

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Splendid Santa Fe Mountain Top Estate

Published February 9, 2012 by housecrazy

In the high desert about 20 minutes beyond Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can find this unique home:

image from:

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Stylin’ rustic cabin made from reclaimed materials

Published February 6, 2012 by housecrazy

From a quick glance at a distance, this home in the San Luis Valley region of Colorado may look like a shack from a bygone era:

image courtesy of Victor Summers (

Round and rustic – Canadian style

Published February 1, 2012 by housecrazy

Today I am featuring a house from my home country, Canada. And yes, it is round.

Take a look at this unique green-built home near Owen Sound, Ontario:

image from:

Doesn’t the roof look like it is growing blonde hair?

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