Drive-by house-hunting

Published March 6, 2012 by housecrazy

I am doing a lot of drive-by house-hunting lately. My house is not on the market but I’m anticipating a move sometime in the next year since there are several factors that may require us to relocate a little closer to Denver (that’s where Lupe’s company is based).

But rather than continually pestering my realtor friends, we just settle for “drive-by” house-hunting until we are really serious about finding a place. My type of drive-by house-hunting is a tad more involved than it sounds. It entails researching where a house is located (the neighborhood) and if it is vacant or not. If it is vacant, then the drive-by can become more of a window-shopping type of outing. (Exploring around the property and peeking in the windows.) Mind you, that is ONLY if the house is vacant.

This past weekend we were in Colorado Springs so we did a little drive-by looking. We drove by a few old houses on the market but only one was vacant (a fix-and-flip) so we were able to snoop around in the yard a bit.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

This one is priced a little over what we want to spend, but it has such a huge, wooded lot, that it is very appealing.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

This charming home was built in 1930 but recently underwent a complete gut-job. Not much original character left, but that sure is a sweet RED front door!

The house is actually larger than it appears from the road because it is situated on a sloping lot and it has a “garden level” basement as well as a finished attic.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

Listed at $173,000, this house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

There is also an oversized tandem garage behind the house:

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

Both the house and the garage have recently been re-stucco’d.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

You can get a sense of how large the yard is from these photos I took. It actually backs to a green-belt along a small stream and there are really no neighbors on either side of the house, though it is right in the middle of the city.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

There is a newer raised deck off the rear of the house so you can enjoy all the trees and the view to the west:

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

The snow-capped mountain you can see through the trees is Pike’s Peak.

My kids would love to live here just for the yard (and the exploration possibilities it offers). I can envision them building a tree house in one of those gigantic trees!

Here’s how the house looks in the summer months with a full leaf-canopy (from the listing photos):

It reminds me of my childhood home [which btw, I am writing an epic post about and will publish sometime in the next month – stay tuned!]

image from:

The listing features only a couple of interior photos but you get a sense of the renovation work the sellers have done:

All new kitchen with “Bombay style cabinets and custom tile flooring”, according to the listing description…

image from:

This is the finished attic:

image from:

The family room downstairs:

image from:

I love the look of the vintage-style tub in the bathroom:

image from:

For all the details, see the complete listing here.

It is a cute house on a terrific lot. But I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to my old house yet!

ps… I’ll keep you updated as our house-hunting progresses.

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