blank canvas: a mid-century modern house in waiting

Published March 6, 2012 by housecrazy

This mid-century modern house is currently for sale in Denver, Colorado. And it is a lovely mid-century specimen. But needs some tender love & care on the inside.

image from:

It sort of reminds me of a school built in the 1960’s… or my former obstetrician’s office. Not that said office brings back any fond memories (I was deathly ill the entire nine months!)… but I did spend many hours in the waiting room admiring the mid-century architecture of the place.

Have a look at the interior:

image from:

Spacious and even cavernous without any furniture, but I do love that brick wall with the fireplace and those wood beams (but NOT the fake wood paneling on the ceiling)!

Here’s another HUGE room:

image from:

The large windows are amazing and so very mid-century.

I’m very puzzled, though, by what is on the floor…

image from:

Is that… poured and dyed concrete? Vinyl tiles?  Linoleum? Peel and stick? Other?

It’s an even lighter color in this room:

image from:

The dining room area is just off the kitchen…

image from:

That funky light-fixture (above) might be worth saving.

image from:

The most impressive feature of this house is definitely the expansive windows… and the green, lush yard that they so nicely frame.

Back inside, the kitchen does not appear to have been updated (much) and doesn’t really have that cute vintage feel, just kinda blah:

image from:

(Notice the faux-wood accordion folding door? I had that same type of door on my closet in the 1980’s!)

Overall though, I love this space and I think it has excellent potential. “Good, solid bones”, as they say in real estate.

The first thing I would do if I bought this place, would be to replace the flooring with some warm (real) wood floors. Perhaps there are actually wood floors under all that… stuff.

In any case, the light and architecture make this place a “diamond-in-the-rough” awaiting new owners that will give it the love that it deserves.

image from:

For more info see the complete listing at

ps…. I read the listing write-up more carefully, and it states that the flooring is “cork“!

5 comments on “blank canvas: a mid-century modern house in waiting

  • What a gem! Looks like the non-cork floors might be terrazzo. We got ours refinished and they are amazing. I’d never cover these fabulous original floors. Plus, refinishing is often less expensive then getting wood, tile, etc.

  • Well, after I did my extreme happy dance upon purchase, I would paint. Then I would decide what to do next. I like the floors – most of them. But I would do it slowly.

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