Do you dream about houses?

Published March 4, 2012 by housecrazy

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

Probably the most common thing that I dream about is houses.

Last night I had a dream that my sister and I were climbing up on a ladder to see the roof of a house and we got caught by the police. I had just wanted to see what material the roof was made of on some random house so I dragged my sister and a ladder along and just crawled right on up. (This is a dream, remember). But of course, we got caught. And arrested. The cop laughed when I told him that I just really loved houses and that I was going to take pictures of the roof for my house blog. (I’m serious – that was my dream last night.)

He let us go with a written warning – probably because my last (real-life) vehicle stop for speeding ended in a warning rather than a ticket.

So all’s well, ends well in the dream world.

But I have been dreaming about houses for a long time. I dream up all manner of houses and home designs. In fact, I remember waking up when I was merely a child and jotting down some house floor-plan that had appeared in my dreams. I should have kept those drawings – but they were discarded somewhere along the way in my many moves.

I also go house-hunting in my dreams.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

This is not surprising because I go house-hunting a lot in real life. I’ve probably been in more homes than some realtors have. But in my dreams I’m not restricted by geography or budgets, or physics. Not that I dream of luxury floating mansions. No, I usually just dream of houses that would be reasonably priced in my price range. But the era of the houses seems to be 1980’s. Sometimes even 1970’s or 1960’s. Not quite sure why that is.

There’s also been several times in my life when I have been in houses and I get the eerie feeling that I have visited that house – or something like it – in my dreams!

Sounds crazy, I know. But this is housecrazy Sarah here.

Occasionally one or both of my kids will appear in my dreams…

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

Of course they are angelic little cherubs in dreamland. Not the rambunctious hooligans that they are in real life. (I love my kids! I really do.) But usually it’s not people who star in my dreams. Usually, its houses.

One of the most common recurring dreams I have is of my last house that we owned for 4.5 years. I really miss that house (and yard and neighborhood). Admittedly, I have a lot of anxiety about it because, let’s just say, it doesn’t look as good as it did when we owned it (in my humble opinion). The expensive blinds we had custom made are now ALWAYS closed. The grass we had painstakingly installed has seen better days. The white paint we applied to the front steps is now neglected and chipping away. It just BREAKS my heart.

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

(You bet I drive by my old house at least once a month!)

Intellectually, I know that this former house is no longer any of my business. And that the new legal owners can do WHATEVER they darn well feel like. And I should probably not be posting this on the internet. But come on, have some pride of ownership folks! Pardon my rant… I have so many wonderful memories of that house. It’s hard to let it go. So I revisit it often in my dreams. Unfortunately, the dreams usually end badly with the new owners coming in and finding me in THEIR house and then me getting arrested or something.

(I’m such a deranged bad-ass in my dreams!) My real life is not nearly as exciting.

I suppose if you are really obsessed with something, it is normal for it to end up in your dreams. But it never ceases to amaze me how far the subconscious mind can go!

Let’s not even get into the nightmares I experience about my current money pit…

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

2 comments on “Do you dream about houses?

  • Sarah it sounds like you should have been an architect, since you’ve been dreaming/thinking about houses since you were a kid!!

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