Cozy up in a cave

Published February 29, 2012 by housecrazy

Cave dwellings have been around forever. Since at least, well, Fred Flintstone’s era anyway. But they are not very common in our modern age. You hardly ever see those things anymore.

So when I came across the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, I was awestruck.

Located near Jasper, Arkansas, this cave lodge is right in the heart of Ozark country.

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This place is really built right into a cave – there’s no other way to put it. You will be touching rock when you go feeling around for the bathroom light.

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“Caving at its finest! Enjoy a weekend away in this luxurious cave house! A truly unique lodging, Beckham Creek Cave Haven is built inside a living Ozark cave.  Luxurious and totally secluded, it promises a comfortable and relaxing vacation.  Hiking, fishing, boating, billiards, complete privacy and peace of mind are presented on this scenic 500 acres.”

– from:

(I’m wondering what the difference between a “living” cave and a “dead” cave is?)

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Doesn’t matter… dead or alive, this place is amazing!

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Originally built as a bomb shelter, the cave lodge took four years to complete as a fully equipped hotel.

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I read that a cabin was first built inside the cave during the American Civil War. Later, the cave was used as a hideout for bootleggers and outlaws.

Now it’s all about luxury and modern amenities set amongst a truly natural setting.

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You’re not really paying for headroom when you stay here. You are paying for the ultimate caving experience!

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It would be neat to turn off all the electricity in the cave and just dine by candlelight.

image from:

Tall people might have to duck their heads in certain areas.

image from:

Someone (like me) might feel a tad claustrophobic in here, but the novelty factor definitely makes up for it.

The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge has more to offer than just cave amenities… it is set in gorgeous rural countryside on 500 acres of rolling woodlands.

image from:

It looks like a perfect place to unplug and unwind…

image from:

For more details, check out the official website of the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge.

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ps…… if you prefer to actually LIVE in a cave dwelling, check out this nearby house that is for sale:

image from:

Though not technically a real cave (this home is made from concrete and sculpted to look like a cave dwelling), this buried home provides “shelter from anything that mother nature can dish out.”

It is also located near Jasper, Arkansas.

Check out the listing at

Happy caving!


4 comments on “Cozy up in a cave

  • What an amazing place this would be to live! I enjoyed your photos here very much. Lately I’ve become enthralled by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and the beautiful eco-housing Brad Pitt is building for the Katrina victims. In fact, I think you have inspired me to post about those homes and the work being to done to help people and help the planet with beautiful sustainable housing.

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