Green home in Mexico – wow!

Published February 28, 2012 by housecrazy

Welcome to Casita Dos Arbolitos. The English translation of that name means (roughly): House of the Little Trees, or, more literally – according to my Mexican husband Lupe: little house two little trees.

Priced reasonably at  $167,500 USD, this home in central Mexico is another artistic wonder.

This adobe house, built in 2006,  is 1,300 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Casita Dos Arbolitos is an on-going adventure in sustainable living.” – from:

Green features include: solar panels, passive solar components, composting toilet, and a rainwater collection system.

This artistic front gate welcomes you into the property:

Look at the sculptural staircase…

Nice little niche…

This is the main entrance:

Stained and etched glass detail on front door:

Inside… the windows seem part traditional Gothic-style, part organically grown:

This is the bedroom:

I love how everything in an adobe house is so imperfect, so natural and un-measured.

Door to the bathroom:

Inside the bathroom…

The bano seco (dry compost system)…

Now there’s a potty that even my two-year-old would not be afraid of!

Here’s the kitchen stove with Campana:

Love the open shelving! Everything looks hand-made right down to the light fixtures:

Dining area:

Patio off the kitchen:

Not pictured here is the ciminea style BBQ.

Looking into the indoor patio room:

Patio room detail:

(Wouldn’t be a true Mexican casa without a little veneration going on!)

View from the patio room…

Look at all those “little trees” – the house’s namesake.

The rincon/sala:

Amazing window detail:

Sunset at Casita Dos Arbolitos…

For more details and many additional photos of this special Casita, see here.

El hogar es donde está el corazón!


One comment on “Green home in Mexico – wow!

  • ” Casita De Los Arbolitos”, House of the little trees.


    ” Casita En Los Arbolitos”, House ” in” or ” amongst ” the little trees.

    Very nice place though, notice the wall around the property, typical in Mexico.

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