An architecturally designed house on my Canadian home turf

Published February 26, 2012 by housecrazy

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This remarkable home is located not too far from the house where I grew up in a rural area outside of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

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A friend of mine who worked for the architect that designed this place alerted me that it is currently for sale. (Thanks Marie!)

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The house is listed at $999,900 and is situated on a large wooded lot with “209 [feet] of sand beach frontage”. The home is located on the shores of Lake Superior.

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It was designed and built by architect David Ellis as his personal residence.

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In Canada they only count the “above ground” square footage (not the basements) so this house is 3500 square feet PLUS a huge basement that includes “summer kitchen and gymnasium“. Wow.
I don’t have any pictures of the basement, but there are a few pictures of the amazing main floor interior:

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Here’s a bigger shot:

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I love the way the leaf-filtered sunlight comes streaming through the windows… talk about bringing the outside in!

This custom home explores various types of building materials:

Floors are of natural slate or maple, yielding to wool in bedrooms and rubber in the gym, while ceilings vary from corrugated steel, to floating plywood and steel elements hovering below gypsum board.

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Here’s the sleek, ultra-equipped kitchen…

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Clean, contemporary and classy – this house is very calming to look at!

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Here’s a larger shot of the kitchen:

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According to the architect’s website:
Blending of natural and industrial may seem contrary, yet in Northern Ontario, one is born from the other. Redwood cedar echoes the ruddy sand, the rough textured concrete reminds one of quarried limestone, exposed steel from the Algoma Mills, all a continuum from the natural, to man-made.
– from:
That is one poetic description of stone and steel!
Kind of makes me proud to be a Northern Ontarian. *blush*
Seriously, I am crazy about this house. But I sure wish we had access to more interior pictures!

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