Bart Prince designed “House Beneath The Mountain” is for sale

Published February 12, 2012 by housecrazy

American architect Bart Prince is probably my favorite contemporary designer. I just love his stuff. His creations are strikingly organic and complex – like massive science projects set in majestic landscapes.

The natural rugged beauty of the western United States really informs his work.

architect Bart Prince, from:

A house that he recently designed is on the market in the Albuquerque, New Mexico foothills.

Listed for $2,500,000 this one-of-a-kind home is said to be inspired by ancient indigenous themes and the spectacular natural vistas that surround.


image from:

image from:

Officially known as the “Scherger-Kolberg Residence” this unconventional home was constructed in 2003-2005, has 4040 square feet and is situated on over an acre of gorgeous high desert property.

image from:

Part mountain, part cliff dwelling, part sundial, part nomadic campsite, the Scherger-Kolberg Residence gathers itself into an upthrust range of masonry cliffs and canyons, and opens eastward around a glass-walled courtyard beneath radial steel beams that come together like tent poles into triangular points – or like hands raised in prayer to the mountains and the sun.”
Christopher Curtis Mead THE ARCHITECTURE OF BART PRINCE – A Pragmatics of Place W.W. Norton & Company

You can really get a sense of the giant sundial sculpture in this picture below:

image from: the

It is a sublime structure – the people who live here are very lucky. The new owners will be very lucky!

Let’s have a look inside (this part really takes my breath away)…

image from:

The home is so much a part of its natural environment, the light and space just seem to resonate with earthful warmth.

image from:

image from:

image from:

image from:

I could waste hours just gazing at these photos.

(Can you tell I am a huge fan of Bart Prince’s work?)

And this is why…

image from: the

Glowing farolitos (candles set in sand inside paper bags) illuminate this magical space on an enchanted New Mexican night.


If you would like more information about “The House Beneath The Mountain” check out this website for additional pictures, video clips of the interior, and commentary by architect Bart Prince.

image from:


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