Rezoned and Repurposed: old train station now an inn

Published February 10, 2012 by housecrazy

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I found this lovely place in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

Built in 1887 as a train station for the Intercolonial Railway, this building is now used as an inn – the Train Station Inn.

It is about a two hour drive from Halifax.

It functioned as a train station until 1973 when the station master moved out and it was scheduled for demolition. Fortunately, this gorgeous structure was bought and saved by an enterprising young man by the name of James LeFresne. He was all of 18 when he purchased the property.

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Mr. LeFresne set to work on restoring the old train station and eventually converted it into a country inn. It is situated amongst colorful woodlands and is close to an ocean inlet.

The thing that I enjoy and appreciate about this conversion, is that you can still tell what its original function was. It still looks like a train station.

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Although trains no longer pass by the Tatamagouche train station (the real tracks were removed by 1989), the grounds of the Inn are home to several rescued and reclaimed boxcars and cabooses, as you can see in this snowy winter scene:

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The boxcars and cabooses have been renovated and are used as additional room rentals, along with the hotel rooms in the main station building.

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You can rent a cozy, cute caboose OR a box-car for the night.

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The space is tight, but the novelty of it all is priceless!

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I think my favorite would have to be “Boxcar Jane“:

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She’s very sweet.

Over at the main station building, the rooms are a little more spacious.

The main level features the Jitney Cafe in what was formerly the men’s waiting room:

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(Pictured above is owner/proprietor James LeFresne.)

The upper level of the Inn houses the guest bedrooms.

You can rent a whole suite that is completely decked out in Victorian finery:

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Or stay in something a little more “country inn-ish”

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This is a wonderful treasure in northern Nova Scotia – I love how the owner has kept true to the whistle-stop theme. If I’m ever up there again, I will definitely visit.

Additional photos, price information and history can be found here.

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Toot-toot – all aboard?


2 comments on “Rezoned and Repurposed: old train station now an inn

  • Wow, that is very cool! We have something similar in Lambertville, NJ. There is an old mid-1800s Train Station that has been converted into a restaurant. (The food is very good there too.) The building is absolutely gorgeous. This proves why there is no need to demolish old structures – take the time to renovate them and you’re left with a magnificently unique building.

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