Splendid Santa Fe Mountain Top Estate

Published February 9, 2012 by housecrazy

In the high desert about 20 minutes beyond Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can find this unique home:

image from: mtntopestate.com

Part adobe, part solar, part rock-outcropping, part water feature, this house seems to encompass all the elements of nature.

image from: mtntopestate.com

image from: mtntopestate.com

Overlooking the expansive views of pinions and junipers, this exquisite home is both green AND historic.

image from: mtntopestate.com

According to the house’s very own website:

A leading Santa Fe, New Mexico eco-friendly residence was originally designed by the forefather of solar architecture, Bill Lumpkins. The private estate remains a leading green property with the help of a top-rated solar heating system designed by Burke Denman, solar heated floors as well as a rain and grey water irrigation system for landscaping.

from: www.mtntopestate.com

Below you can see the:  “400 year old hand adzed mid-eastern entry door (an expression of good fortune)”

image from: mtntopestate.com

Come on inside…

This house is as toasty as a roasting chili:

image from: mtntopestate.com

Rustic luxury – southwestern style!

image from: mtntopestate.com

An indoor stone waterfall? So 1970’s! So Hugh Hefner!

Although parts of the home have a more “old mission” feel:

image from: mtntopestate.com

image from: mtntopestate.com

I love the decor, but… those pitchfork things are a little scary… especially if you have young children around.

image from: mtntopestate.com

This house has four large bedrooms and two bathrooms.

image from: mtntopestate.com

I’m crazy about the casual decorating – it feels very welcoming and comfortable.

image from: mtntopestate.com

The exposed beams add such dimension to an already fascinating space.

The kitchen is noteworthy not only for the craftsman/mission style cabinetry, but also for the red-brick flooring:

image from: mtntopestate.com

Brick floors are so eye-catching with all their imperfections and textures – love ’em!

This house is so very zen. And the views are, well…

image from: mtntopestate.com

Asking price: $990,000

But well worth the money!

You can view all the details here and here.

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