Cute house in Little Switzerland

Published February 2, 2012 by housecrazy

The small mountain town of Ouray, Colorado [pronounced “your-ray”] is sometimes called “Little Switzerland” due to the towering snow-capped peaks that surround the quaint village.

A good friend of mine moved there after a very sad personal loss and she has been embraced both by the beauty and the community of Ouray. It truly is her “happy place”.

And I can see why. I have been through Ouray a couple of times and it is a splendid hidden gem situated far beyond the hustle and bustle of the larger front range cities of Colorado.

Ouray has a strong Victorian-era mining past, and subsequently, the town is based on a central core of amazing Victorian houses. Newer homes, cabins and condos have grown outward from the downtown area, but the town still maintains much of its historic appeal.

According to the official Ouray website,  “two-thirds of Ouray’s original Victorian structures, are still occupied, and have been lovingly restored in order to preserve their turn-of-the-century charm.”

Many of the Victorian homes date from the town’s mining-boom days of the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Take for example, this humble home that occupies an amazing location on Main street:

image from:

I’m tickled about the lattice-work and the half-moon window under the eaves.

From the “behind” picture, you can see that the house is surrounding by mountain views on both sides:

image from:

Currently for sale at the list price of $225,000, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1896 home also comes with a garage that looks as old as the house:

image from:

The home’s interior is cozy enough but could benefit from some updating and de-cluttering:

image from:

image from:

(Is that a real dog hanging-out next to the La-Z-Boy?)

image from:

The vintage light fixtures, door knobs, and wood floors are darling. This house will clean up great if the right preservation-minded owner comes along.

Want to see more Victorian homes in Ouray, Colorado?

Have a look at these beauties:

image from:

photo credit: Lisa Wilson, from:

Christmas House Bed & Breakfast, from:

image from:

image from: - Painted Ladies

image from:

image from:

Victorian Carter House, from:

image from:

image from:

Mountains AND Victorian homes = heaven on earth.

Don’t you just want to drive to Ouray right now? (And take a horse-drawn carriage tour of the idyllic downtown?)

Ouray Colorado, from:


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