Sweet craftsman cottage in Pueblo

Published January 31, 2012 by housecrazy

I am crazy about craftsman bungalows… I have always wanted to own one. And I turn 35 this year – so there’s still time.

Have a look at this 1924 brick craftsman cottage I found in Pueblo, Colorado.

image from: realtor.com

Sweet right? Those dormer windows get me every time!

Back view:

image from: realtor.com

There is even more sweetness inside:

image from: realtor.com

Peachy perfection, no?

Although the woodwork & built-ins are painted, it looks to be all original and in very good condition.

image from: realtor.com

The multi-pane windows also appear to be original to the house.

Since the woodwork is all white, I’m imagining painting the rest of the walls a mossy-green or a beachy-blue color – something to make the place really POP!

image from: realtor.com

Here is the kitchen: (are you ready for a little dose of 1924?)

image from: realtor.com

Just look at that upper cabinetry with the vintage hinges, hardware and scalloping! So very cute! I am thrilled that owners have preserved these throughout the years. So often you see old kitchens completely ripped out and replaced with whatever is in fashion at the current time. I really appreciate when a homeowner keeps the kitchen true to the era of the home (even if parts of it are new).

There are newer appliances… and look at the copper range hood!

image from: realtor.com

I think I might just get nauseous from all the sweetness.

But wait… it gets even better!

Have a look at the reading nook:

image from: realtor.com

(Love the book-prop placed ever so lovingly on the wing-back chair!)

And here is one of the vintage bathrooms:

image from: realtor.com

I’m wondering if the old hot water register is still in use…

This house is obviously loved.

And it is currently for sale! Check out the complete listing here.

ps…. Pueblo, Colorado (where this house is located) was just ranked #2 most affordable place to live by the ACCRA Cost of Living Index.


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