Don’t judge a book by its cover: mid-century modern on the inside

Published January 31, 2012 by housecrazy

I found this house – currently for sale – in Montrose, Colorado.

The outside is very nice and well-kept, but… meh.

Nondescript and common, it doesn’t scream out any particular style except perhaps the ubiquitous suburban split-level.

image from:

It is well-kept and tidy but not necessarily mid-century. The exterior has more of a cottage-esque feel. And, is that an arts & craft style light fixture hanging above the front door?

image from:

But as soon as you step inside…

image from:

Presto – we are transported back to the sunny 1950’s. The year 1954 to be exact (when the house was built). Notice the large expansive windows, wood floors and long horizontal flagstone fireplace:

image from:

There’s some renovation work going on, apparently, but we can still enjoy the mod-ness of the place.

Check out the staircase:

image from:

I can just envision my kids hopping down on the stone planters. “But mo-om, the dog was in the way!”

The kitchen has been transformed into funky-fabulous (fire-engine red cabinets!) but still with a nod to its mid-century heritage:

image from:

“The kitchen has been tastefully and thoughtfully remodeled with new, stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and re-powder coated, original Geneva metal cabinets.”

That is an excellent example of recycling the original elements of a mid-century home. Bravo to the home renovator and/or owner!

For more details on this house, see the complete listing here.

This house just goes to show that it’s what’s on the inside that counts…


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