Crazy painted house

Published January 24, 2012 by housecrazy

For today’s post, I am going to return to the small town of Florence, Colorado to revisit one of the most memorable mini-Victorian homes I have looked at.

We went to view it when it was for sale in 2010, and though it was just a small, typical 1900 story-and-a-half design, it was quite the eye-popping spectacle.

Just looking at the flyer can make you dizzy:

listing flyer from: Collette Wright (Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors)

The seller was an artist (no kidding?) and apparently had some mania going on as well. It was impressive.

We were told that the sellers were transferred for work and I’m not sure if the house actually went into foreclosure, but it now sits empty. The realtor told us that it was the wife who did all the painting. (I wonder if the husband and children embraced living in a house like that… )

The exterior gives a good indication of what you will find inside:


Whimsical indeed with that black, sea-green and pink design. But the color palette really goes hay-wire once you step in the front door.

Now rather than passing judgement on the poor tortured (yet gleeful) soul who decorated this house, I’d like you to take a step back and appreciate the place for what it is: an artist’s canvas.

Truly, this homeowner went to town on her own home. It makes me wonder if she was able to get any other artwork done, because she must have spent an inordinate amount of time painting each and every room, even some of the floors and windows!

No detail was left unpainted. Or un-checkered.

In other rooms, the painter went for something a bit more scholarly:


I love maps! Especially on WALLS!

Every room in the house is a different color:


And the artist seems to have utilized a variety of painting techniques.


Who doesn’t love black crows?


Even the bathroom’s sloped ceiling got the artist treatment… I believe the theme of this room was ‘under the sea’.


I actually kind of liked the way she had done the kitchen: black, beige and white – stylish!

We got a kick out of the house. We really did. My kids were crazy about all the murals and colors. But the entire time I was walking through the house I kept thinking how expensive it would be to paint over all of this… stuff.

The realtor kept saying: “A few gallons of paint and this place will be good as new.” Honestly – that is what he said.

The primer alone would cost a small fortune.

Besides, someone clearly put in a great deal of love and imagination into the house. I’d hate to be the one to make all that disappear.

I like character – don’t get me wrong – I even like CRAZY character. But I stop a little short of the sensory over-loading kind.

When you feel nauseous and over-stimulated just walking through the place, it probably isn’t a good idea to actually live there.

So we passed on the house.

If you, however, are partial to exuberantly painted houses, then feast your eyes on these puppies…

images from:

There’s nothing like driving along in a nondescript neighborhood, then –BANG! Crazy painted house!

image from:

Orange and blue? Must have been a Denver Broncos fan.


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