Cliffside house in Evergreen

Published January 19, 2012 by housecrazy

I was surfing the listings in Evergreen, Colorado recently and this mountain-clinging house caught my eye:

photo from:

You can see how it appears to sit on stilts and there is a boardwalk leading to the front door. Off of that is a wrap-around porch. I really wish the realtor had included pictures of the front of the house!

But we do get a peek at the spectacular view from this interior shot:

photo from:

I know where this house is located and it is a really neat spot in Evergreen – overlooking the town site and lake. Evergreen is one of my favorite towns in Colorado – it has some great historic cabins with “old Evergreen ambiance” as the realtors put it. It is less than an hour’s drive from Denver and there are lots of huge, ritzy mountain homes there as well.

Back to this house on the mountain edge… appears to be another bank-owned property. It is really decently priced for the area and it looks like it is in good condition. But this house seems to have one of those “bad luck” pasts.

According to the Zillow listing stats, it was bought in 2001 for $182,900; sold a mere five months later for $227,500 (lucky dog house-flippers!), then listed for sale by the ambitious new owners at $399,000 (that’s a 49% increase in price)! The house languished on the market at that price and slowly came down over time. But I guess the owners just couldn’t get it sold for the price they needed because it went off the market in 2010 and came back on last fall as a Fannie May property (foreclosure).

Since then, the price has come down even further to its current place at $199,900. Poor house.

Take a look at some more interior shots:

photo from: listing

It is a very angular house… I wonder if it’s actually an octogon or hexagon. Unfortunately, the realtor is not playing-up the architectural uniqueness.

Looks like the stove-pipe is missing an entire section in this pic:

from: listing

But overall, the place appears to be in good condition. Everything looks intact in the triangle kitchen:

photo from: listing

Microwave… check, dishwasher…. check, oven…. check, refrigerator…. check!

There are even fake plants to add some greenery! (Well, I assume they are fake if the place is bank-owned. I don’t imagine real live plants would last long once a house is foreclosed.)

photo from: listing

Not a bad-looking place. You can view the listing here. I only wish there were more pictures of the VIEW since it is perched like a bird house up on a ledge!

Though, it is not nearly as edgy as this house in Norway:

Literally hanging off a rocky plateau, the home is cantilevered over an eight-meter drop and raised on steel stilts.


You can check out more amazing “cliff houses” from this article at

None of those cliff-dwellers, however, compare to this unfortunate place in San Francisco, CA:

image from:

According to an article at, the huge house actually survived the 1906 earthquake, but was burned to the ground a year later.

My dad once told me a real-life revenge story of how one guy pushed his enemy’s elevated house right off its stilts! It slid down the hillside and could not be rebuilt. Crazy.

But I believe the views are worth the risk… how about you?


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