The one(s) that got away – PART THREE (the Old Colorado City House)

Published January 11, 2012 by housecrazy

I love old houses. I’m insanely obsessed with old houses – and I’m talking old as in pre-1900 era. None of this 1960’s and 1970’s silliness.

One of the places where we have focused our house search has been Old Colorado City which is west of Colorado Springs in central Colorado. Old Colorado City has a well-preserved historic district that was one of the earliest settlements in the region. You can read more on it here.

the main drag in Old Colorado City - photo couretesy of

image courtesy of

Old Colorado City is chalk-full of vintage Victorians. The home-owners famously take pride in painting their homes the craziest colors in the crayon box – everything from pretty pastels like the eternally sweet Our Hearts Inn:

photo credit:

… to exceedingly bright primary colors as showcased here:

photo credit: Noel Black,

It’s a few square blocks of complete eye candy for the Victorian house lover. Hence, we have been looking in this area for many years.

In 2008 a darling house in Old Colorado City popped up on the market:

photo credit: Sarah Felix Burns

Red door + teal blue trim = pure loveliness! It had city views from the front and mountain views from the back. Not to mention the huge 2-car garage. And that beautiful sandstone retaining wall & walkway.

It was delightful. It was also over our price range. Nonetheless, within a few weeks the price began to recede. We went to look at it three times, and by the third viewing, the price had dropped to a more comfortable level.

Here is the actual flyer before the price came down:

courtesy of listing flyer from Susan Myers, GRI (Thompson Properties)

After deep consideration, and many hours spent gazing at the listing photos, [housecrazy indicator: how many people have house flyers as their bathroom reading material??] we decided to submit an offer.

But we wanted to see it one more time.

The only weekend we had available was a weekend that our realtor was out-of-town. So he set us up with one of his co-workers to view the place a final time before putting in our offer.

The realtor let us in the house and looked around himself. Then he declared that he “would never buy this house”.

What? Why not?

He just didn’t like it personally and he thought it was too close to a commercial area.

Here we were, all set to put in an offer, and the realtor was planting the nasty seeds of doubt in our heads. Being too close to a commercial area was a huge turn-off (now that he mentioned it). Why didn’t we think of that before?? Second thoughts were pouring in all around us.

The stand-in realtor took us to see another property that HE liked better but… it didn’t work at all for us.

We ended up passing on the cute house with the red door in Old Colorado City.

Of course I regretted it the moment I found out the house went under contract. The house sold quickly and we moved on.

The deepest irony of this missed opportunity is that the house we actually ended up buying is located right in a commercial district!

In real estate, however, I have learned that if you wait long enough most houses will come up again for sale.

Sure enough, not two weeks ago I found this on


Yep, for sale again.

And I’ll just leave it at that.


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