The one(s) that got away – PART ONE (Spaceship house)

Published January 9, 2012 by housecrazy

Ever since I got serious about looking at real estate about ten years ago, I have been collecting house flyers. I have a filing cabinet FULL of flyers from all over the state of Colorado spanning a decade of house-hunting. [housecrazy indicator: How many people keep files of old house flyers?!?!] Sometimes I consult them to compare real estate prices over a period of time, or to revisit a certain location. Other times, I just drool over the houses that I missed out on.

This post is dedicated to the ones that got away. In my case there have been many, but I narrowed it down to just three of which I was particularly fond. Two of the three met with a tragic end so I am thankful I still have the images of them – even if they are small and grainy real estate flyers. (House flyers have gotten much more glossy, aesthetic and elaborate in recent years.)

Since I am so eager to share these with you, I am going to display them in a three-part blog (this being Part One).

The first “house” I fell in love with in Colorado was actually a spaceship. No kidding. It was one of those silver, round 1970’s Futura-type fiberglass space ships that had actually been air-lifted on to site in the mountains of Colorado west of Denver. ***Not to be confused with the famous, multi-million dollar “Sleeper” spaceship-inspired house in Genesee, west of Denver:

photo credit:

No, the one that was for sale in my price range was located near the rural mountain community of Bailey, Colorado – about an hour’s drive south and west of the more famous, expensive one. The little spaceship sat on a gorgeous one acre lot with a fabulous view of the ponderosa pines. We first saw an ad for it in the Denver Post real estate section so we made an appointment with the listing agent and went to see it. It was big smiles and !!OMG!! at first sight.

Here is the actual flyer from 2002:

Flyer courtesy of real estate agents: Bill & Wendy Taylor (Choice Property Brokers)

Cool huh? And cute. If you squint really hard you can see some of the interior pics. There was even a woodstove right in the center and a fully equipped mini-kitchen.

Here’s a bigger pic of the exterior:

from listing photo by Bill & Wendy Taylor (Choice Property Brokers)

You can see that it had a deck built on and there was a little yellow sign attached to the deck that read: ALIEN CROSSING.

The novelty factor alone was through-the-roof, not to mention the awesome location and mountain views. I loved it. And the price was right (only $110,000!). We seriously considered putting in an offer (remember this was pre-kids and pre-accumulation of lot o’ stuff). But…

There’s always a “but”. We had to sell our condo in Denver first. And then there was the issue of what to do with the little bit of furniture that we did already own. At 491 square feet, the Bailey spaceship barely had room to do a jumping jack, let alone allow for placement of a sofa.

So, sadly, we passed on it.

Fast forward several years and we were up in the Bailey area driving around (looking at houses – what else?) and we drove past the spaceship house. Or, where it should have been. It was gone. Completely gone! The lot was still there – intact – and no new house had been built in its place, but the spaceship was nowhere to be seen.

I did some asking around and found out through a realtor that someone had bought the property but didn’t want the spaceship house (thought it was too hokey) so that person had it removed with a large crane and sold it to someone else who is now keeping it in a warehouse.

The thought of that adorable house/vessel languishing in a warehouse is almost too much for me to handle.

Throwing all practicalities aside, one of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn’t buy the Bailey spaceship house when I had the chance.

Moral of the story: indulge in your compulsive whims to purchase large, expensive, impractical items that are rare and nifty or you will be laden with regret forever!


2 comments on “The one(s) that got away – PART ONE (Spaceship house)

  • Just read your post. We own the Bailey property. The owners we bought from had moved the spaceship. It sat behind a barn on Will o wisp until 2009. We think it may have been sold to someone in CA. The property is gorgeous with beautiful views.

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